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Elegant Bridesmaid's Dresses in Every Colour Palette for Spring and Summer

Shopping for the perfect bridesmaid’s dress isn’t easy, whether you’re the bride who’s making the big decisions, or you’re leaving it up to each bridesmaid to pick their own. It’s made even more challenging if you end up having a different style of dress for each bridesmaid (a trend we love by the way!). We’ve curated 8 of our favourite colour palettes for spring and summer and included a variety of elegant gowns and jumpsuits

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8 Subtle Yet Elegant Ways to Incorporate Black into Your Wedding Day

Black can be a very elegant colour; one that adds an heir off sophistication and glamour to any event. So we’re sharing 8 ways (and our 8 favour places) to incorporate black in your wedding that will make your affair sophisticated and modern.

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